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Christophe Barbier


Editorial director of L'Express, Christophe barbier is a key political columnist in the French media landscape.

After his studies, Christophe Barbier specialized in politics. During his career, he worked on point, then in Europe 1. At the same time, in the 90s, Christophe Barbier hosted with Denis Jeambar “Affaires publiques” on La Cinquième where the two presenters explained the missions of the European and French institutions.


 In 1996, Christophe Barbier was appointed head of the political service of L’Express. Five years later, he became assistant editor-in-chief. It was in August 2006 that he was finally promoted to editor-in-chief, where he remained until 2016. Christophe Barbier is now one of the main political columnist in the French media landscape, either as a guest like in “C’ dans l’air” show or as a columnist and regular host on BFM TV.


Spoken Languages ​: French