Cyril Paglino

Serial entrepreneur and investor

Cyril has been navigating the crypto market for almost a decade.

Over the years, he has invested in the various evolutions of the crypto-stack, experienced the ups and downs of the market, participated to most of the major private sales and created relation to key researchers, engineers, CEO and investors of the Industry.


Cyril is well known as one of the most prominent crypto investor in Europe since several years. He has been speaking in +50 crypto conferences and has a monthly appearance on French Business channel, BFM business.


He has invested early in protocols like Bitcoin (2013), Ethereum (2015), PolkaDot (2017) Solana (2018), and companies like Coinbase (2016) and MakerDao (2017), and has helped hundreds of crypto projects, from early stage to maturation/ IPO’s. He currently manages Shift Capital, a newly created hybrid and capital efficient investment fund, focusing fully on crypto and token investments.

Prior top Crypto, from 2000 to 2008, Cyril was a top athlete, former breakdance vice world champion, touring across +60 countries with RedBull and Nike as sponsors. He stopped his dancing career at 21, and created his first company, Wizee, in 2010. Wizee was a brand content platform connecting Artists and tier 1 celebrity to brands like Nike, RedBull, L’Oreal, Visa, BMW, Sofitel, Nokia, Playstation, Clarins, Vogue, Lacoste and many more. After 3 years of operation, Wizee has been acquired in 2013 by Change group.


In 2014, Cyril moved to San Francisco and he started Tribe, a video messaging app with never seen before features and capability, backed by Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Partech and many more. Tribe was elected “product of the year” on product hunt in 2016, and grew to few millions users.


In 2017, he started Starchain, a small angel list based fund, working as a club deal. Starchain did invest in compagnies such as Coinbase, MakerDAO, Kaiko… In Q4 2019, Cyril co-founded the Garage, the largest Blockchain and crypto incubator, based in Paris. The Garage was a 5000sq building, on 3 floor. The Garage hosted many conference and launch, and welcome all the DeFi protocols during Q1 2020, before closing its door due to the growth of Covid 19.


In 2020, with Adli Takkal Bataille, he started Shift capital. The Shift Capital team is composed of passionates analysts and engineers, and is deeply rooted into the crypto community, which allows us to combine a fundamentals based approach with a capital efficient trading strategy, provides a unique deal flow access and strong technical validation. Shift Capital fund I was a $10m fund and has been investing in 17 companies (including Near, Paraswap, Pianity, P00ls, CrunchDAO, Pokmi…) with a current ATH MOIC x11.48.




Spoken Languages: French, English