Dorine Bourneton

Aviator and writer

Dorine Bourneton: The aviator who challenges the limits of the sky and inspires the world.

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Languages spoken: French



The Early Passion and the Tragic Turning Point

Dorine Bourneton was born on September 6, 1974 in Thiers, France, into a family where aviation is a real passion. Her father, an amateur pilot, introduced her to this fascinating world from a very young age.


At the age of 15, she took off by flying a solo aircraft, already demonstrating exceptional boldness and determination. However, on May 12, 1991, her life was turned upside down by a tragic plane crash.


Despite a fierce struggle for her survival, the accident permanently deprived her of the use of her legs at the age of 16.

Overcoming Oneself and World Recognition

In the face of adversity, Dorine Bourneton refused to let himself down and decided to take control of a plane. She became a pioneer by becoming the first disabled woman in the world to fly an aerobatic aircraft.


Her relentless determination and inspiring courage propelled her to the Salon du Bourget, where she performed a stunning aerobatic display, opening up new perspectives for pilots with disabilities and leaving an indelible imprint on aviation history.



A Boundless Commitment and Global Inspiration



Dorine Bourneton is more than just a remarkable aviator.

She became a powerful voice and advocate for disabled pilots. As a spokesperson for disabled pilots at the Aero-club de France, she plays a key role in obtaining a ministerial order allowing disabled people to access the commercial pilot’s licence.


His determination and inspiring achievements also led to the founding of “Envie d’Envol” in 2019, an association that promotes inclusion and surpassing oneself through the learning of aerobatics.


Dorine Bourneton continues to inspire the world with her strength of character, dedication and unwavering commitment to inclusion.


Her story was immortalized in a TV movie, and her writings, such as “My Mother’s Favorite Color” and “Above the Clouds”, reflect her passion and her exceptional journey. It leaves a lasting legacy, reminding everyone that boundaries are just barriers to overcome and that determination can break all barriers.


Conference themes:

– Evolution / resilience / adaptability
– Collective and individual performance
– The indispensable teamwork
– Boldness / Exceeding oneself
– The enthusiasm / power of joy
– Failure in the success process