Grégoire Furrer, conférencier

Grégoire Furrer

Grégoire Furrer, humorist, creator and producer

Creator and producer, Grégoire Furrer is also a discoverer, entrepreneur, globetrotter, and always innovative!

At 52 years old, this native of Geneva, who grew up in Montreux, is self-taught and has today become a key figure in the production and creation of international humor. President of the group, GFP (Grégoire Furrer Productions), he produces major humor festivals in several territories and is active throughout the world: in Europe, Africa and Canada!


It all started more than 30 years ago in Montreux, Switzerland, when at the age of 21, he created the
“Montreux Comedy Festival”. He was then an elite sportsman but an injury prevented him from pursuing his career to the fullest. And he succeeded in making it an international event of reference in the field of humor. The galas of this festival gather every year, the future talents of the French-speaking scene as well as a pleiad of confirmed humorists, thanks to the ambitious artistic line defended by Grégoire Furrer.


Indeed, he never ceases to travel the Swiss, French, Belgian, Quebec and African scenes, in search of promising young
young promising comedians, while remaining close to confirmed and appreciated artists who remain faithful to him. As a talent scout, he offers at his new recruits an emblematic springboard and brings them his expertise of the scene.

Visionary and pioneer, he was one of the first producers to propose to artists and television channels to capture the Galas of a festival, in this case his own, the Montreux Comedy, and thus to spread humor to an international audience.


Always in action and in innovation, Grégoire Furrer has also succeeded in making Montreux
Comedy a strong brand on social networks, with an active community of nearly 3 million people
million people around the world. Record scores on YouTube, with 205 million video views, and on Facebook, counting 210 million video views in 2020. Montreux Comedy has also experienced remarkable growth on TikTok with over 425,000 subscribers and nearly 29 million views.


Spoken language: French