Our bilingual reporters

2 March 2022



During your future conferences, you will probably have the opportunity to organize international events, with an audience that is not 100% French speaking.

For these events, you will need bilingual or multilingual speakers.


This type of conference will be an opportunity for you to get in touch with profiles that have the keys to speak in French as well as in English or even other languages.


In Minds profiles, we can for example mention Asha Sumputh, a journalist-host who speaks 4 languages. Asha Sumputh speaks English, French, Hindi and Mauritian Creole and can therefore manage these languages during her interventions.


You can also find bilingual French-English journalists such as Marjorie Paillon who is a journalist, producer, presenter or Margot Haddad who participated in the creation of the economic channel BSmart where she presented a format in partnership with the American economic channel CNBC “Smart World with CNBC”.


We also propose Mélanie Freymond, a host on French-speaking Swiss television who speaks French, English, German and Italian.


With journalists who know how to work in several languages, your event already has a point!

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