Alexandra Cauchard

Entrepreneur, coach

Alexandra Cauchard, a pioneer in collaborative transformation, guides companies towards a more creative, participatory and fulfilling future of work.

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Languages spoken: English, French





Lawyer by training, she leaves the dress



Alexandra Cauchard has an academic background in business and social law.

After graduating from high school, she embarked on law studies, pursuing her path with determination.



She joined a law school and showed commitment by also attending a preparatory class ENS CACHAN. After graduating in business law, she completed her training by becoming a lawyer.



But after her final internship, she chose to take a professional turn and refused an offer of collaboration in a large business firm, convinced that this career would not allow her to fully develop and contribute to her rightful place.



From Journalist to Intrapreneuriat



Alexandra then embarked on a career as a journalist for the magazine Décideurs.


Through her experience as a journalist and then editorial director, Alexandra develops expertise in the fields of education, management and human resources.


As the group to which she belongs rapidly transforms, she observes the disengagement and loss of meaning for employees.


She then proposed the creation of a collaborative innovation laboratory within her company to involve employees in the transformation and encourage the emergence of innovative projects. She thus becomes an intrapreneur in parallel with her position.



Multi-faceted entrepreneur



In 2016, Alexandra founded Shaker, a collaborative transformation consulting agency. Specialized in new management methods and training in behavioural skills, it guides companies in the involvement of their employees in their transformation processes.


Alexandra helps organizations develop an environment conducive to personal and collective development.


Slasheuse, Alexandra is also the founder of the agency Nouvel Œil, whose mission is to create links between the artistic world and companies.


This unique approach brings a creative and innovative perspective to businesses and facilitates the emergence of young artists. Building bridges between universes and crossing eyes motivate this multi-faceted entrepreneur.


Convinced that interdisciplinarity and the ability to cooperate are indispensable skills to invent together the world of social and ecological transition, She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Teachers of Transition to generalize the transmission of this knowledge in higher education.


Support as close as possible to individuals



In parallel with her leadership role, Alexandra has also embarked on individual and collective coaching in order to support group dynamics with a holistic approach based on methods of collective intelligence as well as on a coaching posture.


With her experience in organizational transformation and trained as a gestalt therapist, she guides and accompanies individuals and teams in their growth and development journey.


His approach is based on creativity, cooperation and self-knowledge, key skills to develop.

Her atypical career, combining journalism, entrepreneurship and coaching, demonstrates her commitment to creating fulfilling work environments and fostering the development of human potential in organizations.


Alexandra Cauchard is a visionary who inspires and guides businesses towards more collaborative, creative and transformative forms of work.