Alexandre Cadain

Entrepreneur, specialist in innovation and technology

Alexandre Cadain, the architect of positive artificial intelligence serving a bold and human future.


Spoken languages : French, English

An exceptional trajectory





Born from a passion for art and science, the atypical career of Alexandre Cadain, a multifaceted French entrepreneur, is most impressive.



Graduate of ENS Ulm, HEC Paris, and the Sorbonne, he already has extensive professional experience despite his youth.

During his studies, he founded an art gallery and later was responsible for the development of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies in France. He also co-organized the “Postdigital” seminar at ENS, a space for reflection on the possible futures at the crossroads of arts and sciences after the digital.



Alexandre is also recognized for his contributions in the field of artificial intelligence, where he seeks to explore pluralistic and positive paths.


He is a fervent advocate for radical innovation to transform business and society as a whole. To do this, he uses the “moonshot” technique, a high social impact exploratory project, without short-term profitability goals, relying on advanced technologies.



His thought is centered on a positive use of technology for the benefit of humanity and its environment, a philosophy he compares to the European Renaissance rather than the Californian Singularity

Transforming the world through innovation



In 2017, Alexandre co-founded with Amir Banifatemi, his former boss at the XPRIZE Foundation, the Anima innovation lab.



This “moonshot studio” aims to develop radical innovation projects to tackle the major challenges of our time, such as global warming and lifelong education.


At the UN, he is the rapporteur for the AI FOR GOOD commission, co-leader of the “Smart Cities and Communities” track, and co-chair of “Scaling AI for Good”.


He is also the European ambassador for the XPRIZE Foundation, contributing to the support of selected European projects that have a positive impact on several billion individuals through AI.

Alexandre also co-founded the AI Commons, the first collaboration platform around AI that allows sharing data and algorithms for the common good.


His bold approach has been recognized by Vanity Fair, who ranked him among the 30 most influential French people under 30 in 2017.

In this dynamic, Alexandre continues his ambition to create “real utopias”, especially exploring positive artificial intelligences.



Since 2018, he has also been teaching the Moonshot Economics course at HEC Paris, a program that seeks in post-capitalism and the urgency of contemporary challenges, the opportunity for a reinvention of fundamental economic models.