Alexia Borg

Journalist and host

Now a TV presenter for BFM Business on TechRH, Alexia has had a career as a business owner for 19 years in the training sector.

She first studied marketing and began her career in New York for a CAC 40 company.


Passionate about personal development and everything related to intellectual development, physical sciences and technology, Alexia created in 2015 the company ATOMS which brings together consultants experts in digital HR transformation and thus works with major groups such as VINCI, Microsoft, Provalliance, Orange, Colas.

In 2018, she created DLM NEWS to provide information accessible to all HR on Edtech topics.


In 2019, Alexia became a State Certified Coach and supported senior managers in their personal development and careers. With her many hats, Alexia has become one of the most influential people on LinkedIn in the HR Tech sector. She wants to continue her career in the media and as a speaker.



Spoken Languages: French, English, Portuguese