Anette Burgorf Journaliste- animatrice- Minds.

Anette Burgdorf


Anette Burdorff is the most french of germans. She is a television and radio journalist specializing in hosting international events.

If Anette Burgdorf is german and bavarian, her heart beats for France. Freelance journalist at RFI, then presenter of ARTE-Info, in 1998 she became the representative of Germany in “Union libre” and “Douce France” on France 2.


Quickly having a good notoriety thanks to her enthusiasm and her culture, Anette Burgdorf collaborates on the program “Les Maternelles” on France 5. She presents the ecological column “Plus bio, la vie” in Gildas & Co on the Vivolta channel.


Since January 2008, she has set out to discover the most beautiful guesthouses in France and shares her decorating tips with the magazine “Maison d’hôtes”. Fighting against clichés, she plays with Franco-German interculturality on a daily basis.


Languages ​​spoken: French, German, English