Arnaud Zegierman


Arnaud Zegierman is a sociologist, co-founder of the Viavoice institute in 2008


Viavoice is an independent research and survey institute that analyzes social trends. It carries out quantitative and qualitative studies for private companies, public organisations and associations.

Many of Viavoice’s studies are widely disseminated in the media.


3 recent tests: 

Written on the basis of dedicated studies, they analyse different aspects of our society:

Les Français, ces incompris (written with Thierry Keller and Blaise Mao, March 2023)

Between decline and greatness, the French look on their country (written with Thierry Keller, 2021)

What brings us together, how can we still be French? (written with Thierry Keller, 2017)


Very regular interventions at conferences, symposia or seminars, based on sound and recent studies.

These interventions focus on the evolution of French society, with a strong will:

To go back on misconceptions,
To place oneself in a political neutrality,
Pedagogy and interactivity with the participants.


These interventions aim to be clear, including for audiences far removed from the themes discussed. The rigor mobilized is not accompanied by jargon.