Benjamin Chaminade

Expert in innovation, management and HR

After several business creations in the field of HR consulting, Quality of life at work, and employee loyalty in the early 2000s in France, Benjamin moved to Sydney.

He created an integrated HR offer (Attractiveness, employer brand, recruitment, and onboarding) supplemented with an offer in employee engagement and in Talent Management under the name of InsideHR.


At the same time, he opened the first incubator in Sydney and became an advisor to several Startups in Asia-Pacific and lecturer in managerial innovation and HR.


His footsteps brought him back to France in 2009 where a new adventure began when he took on the co-management of the Technoraid competition team. His participation in this adventure will have him invited to conferences on innovation topics around the world.



From 2010, in parallel with his activities as an executive, investor, member of the management board, and author, Benjamin publishes several blogs on intergenerational relationships, the culture of innovation, and HRhacking. Hyperactive, he is also the curator of Creative-Day, an annual event on creativity and the culture of innovation, an investor in the Mont Saint Michel ecopark, and on the board of an NGO promoting education in the ghettos of Cape Town. Town.


His subjects of intervention:


-Intergenerational management, from Baby Boomers to millennials


-Management of innovation, from empathy to curiosity and daring


-The 6 circles of managerial innovation


-The genome of the culture of innovation in business


-Future of work, VUCA, corporate culture and co-evolution.


-Employee engagement and talent retention.


-New business models.


-Radical innovation and disruptive innovation.



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