Biliana Tod

Biliana Tod

Doctor of science, brain specialist

A recognized specialist in the field of neuroscience, she has transformed our understanding of the human brain. With a PhD in science, Biliana has dedicated her life to research and innovation, decoding the mysteries of the most complex organ of the human.

#Mental Health
#Knowledge Ambassador



Languages spoken: French, English, Bulgarian


In her own research on understanding the brain, Biliana has not limited herself to reading scientific publications and interviewing researchers.

She decided to experiment with clinical study protocols on her own brain.


She has passed MRI scans of 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla, she has done electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG).

She even agreed to receive drugs like Ritalin or Ketamine to know how our brain works in extreme conditions.


Her work is not limited to laboratories and academic journals; Biliana has a unique ability to make science accessible to the general public.

She is an engaging speaker, able to simplify complex neuroscientific concepts so that everyone can understand the profound implications for health, education, and even legislation.



In addition to her academic skills, Biliana is a visionary. His research often has immediate practical applications, particularly in the fields of mental health and clinical neurology.


His contributions to science have been rewarded with several awards and distinctions, cementing his reputation as one of the brightest minds of his generation.


Eloquent, inspiring and resolutely innovative, Biliana Tod offers invaluable insight into the potential and mysteries of the human brain.


She is not only an eminent scientist, but also an ambassador of knowledge, making her presence indispensable on any stage wishing to explore the frontiers of human knowledge.


Intervention themes:
1/ Dope and tame your brain to perform in joy
2/ The new science of stress to stress in serenity
3/ Captivate the brains of your customers
4/ Neuroscience in times of change
5/ Develop your leadership through feedback