Claude Onesta

Coach of the French handball team

Claude Onesta is the coach of the French handball team, which plays the most beautiful game in the world, but also one of the most effective.

Former player in the first division in Toulouse (third scorer in the championship in 1983) and international hope, he was a professor of EPS and official in charge of the government while training the Toulouse team (winner of the Coupe de France in 1998 and semi-finalist of the European Cup in 1999). Taking in hand this team of France made up of very great individuals, he knew how to impose his style and his management to offer a spectacular collective. Bronze medalist at the World Cup in Portugal in 2003, his primary mission was to link the famous “Barjots” team and young talents in order to aim for the supreme title as quickly as possible. of the most beautiful pages of the French Handball team: European champion 2006, Olympic champion 2008, World champion 2009, European champion 2010, again World champion 2011 then a third European champion title in 2014, before winning the World Cup again in 2015! France is simply unbeatable under its wing and is the first nation to have all three international titles at the same time.



Particularly gifted at verbalizing his action and with an obviously flattering CV, Claude Onesta is regularly asked to intervene after big bosses of ‘companies. “I explain to them that there is another way than theirs to be successful and that makes them curious,” he smiles. By relying on the experience of our French team, I bring them the proof that in an environment of trust, mutual respect, accountability, “co-production”, we are able to obtain results at the highest level. -global level. ” “The problem,” continues Onesta, “is that the business model, on the contrary, works more on mistrust: in an often hostile environment, we appoint a manager for two to three years, no more, for fear that he creates too many habits, too many balance… So many things seen in business as an inconvenience.”



Spoken languages: French