Cyrus Fazel

CEO and founder of SwissBorg

Cryus Fazel is the CEO and founder of SwissBorg, a pioneer in cryptographic asset management that will allow everyone to control their wealth.

Cyrus Fazel has more than 10 years of experience in asset management and hedge funds.

Management and algorithmic trading, he has applied his analytical skills towards building one of the Top 10 Swiss ICOs. His blockchain based crypto wealth platform successfully raised 50M CHF during its ICO in 2018. SwissBorg has since held two successful referendums on the blockchain involving community members in the decision-making process of the team, the young fintech has, also, developed an ICO platform to empower young start-up ICOs and produced a gamified & educational Bitcoin prediction app, the ​Community App,​ as a pre-launch to the SwissBorg Wealth app which will be available in late 2019.


Of Swiss-Iranian background, as a kid, growing up in New York and the San Francisco area, Cyrus was often glued to Atari and Nintendo video games. He remembers believing that someday cars could fly. From playing video games and dreaming to co-founding a crypto asset startup that has raised 50 million CHF, Cyrus has kept his wide-eyed zest for all things digital. His formal education and work experience in the world of finance together with his passion for AI and blockchain technologies have helped him become a major influencer in the fintech and crypto space.

A short time after receiving his Bachelor of Science in International Business from ​EDHEC​, Cyrus moved to the heart of private banking: Geneva, Switzerland. Working for high net-worth individuals made it clear to him that wealth management was not accessible to most because it required vast amounts of resources; some way had to be found to automate tasks. He saw in automation the key making wealth management accessible to ordinary people.

With thefounding of S​wissBorg,​Cyrus aims to reshape thef uture of finance and make it more decentralized, meritocratic, and inclusive. Beginning of 2019 the SwissBorg founder launched his block chain awareness blog series on Youtube, C​yrus Chronicles ​to help bring mass adoption.


Language spoken : english.