Eric Zipper

Extreme rescuer

25 years of intense commitment in the field of relief (classic, caving, mountain, disaster) have led him to assume responsibilities at the departmental, regional and then national levels. He has conducted many very complex rescue operations, set up repositories and many procedures.

For 25 years, Eric ZIPPER has been training a variety of audiences both in France and abroad. He is called upon to speak many times at the highest level of the State, holds press conferences in front of dozens of journalists as well as communication in crisis situations. He is perfectly comfortable facing all audiences.


His field expertise in the field of extreme relief combined with a good knowledge of the company and the inherent crises make his interventions all the more impactful.

Relief operations, whether they take place in France or abroad, in difficult places and/or in hostile environments, after disasters, have in common the need to review its priorities, criteria and command. The stakes are high: it is the success of the mission, and therefore most often the fate of people that is at stake!


• How do you connect with the world of work?

• What are the parallels to how we work every day?

• What lessons can be learned for your business?

• How to adapt corporate communication in a crisis situation?

• How do you manage the stress of risky situations and traumatic events in the workplace?


All these questions are asked by the leaders faced with these situations. The themes and focus are arranged according to the audience and the objective.



Spoken languages : French