Fabien Pelous

French international rugby player

Fabien Pelous has perhaps the best record of French rugby. With the Stade Toulouse, the second line has won the Top 14 three times (1999, 2001 and 2008) and the European Cup twice (2003 and 2005). With the French team, he has won the VI Nations five times (1997, 1998, 2002, 2004 and 2006), four of which by signing the Grand Slam, a record for a French player.

He trained as a physiotherapist at the CHU in Toulouse. Trained in Saverdun (Ariège) and coming from a local family of farmers, he played at the Stade Toulouse from 1997 to 2009, after two seasons at the US Dax. He was captain of the French team and the Stade Toulouse.


With the record for French team selections (118 capes) and that of the number of captains (42 armbands), he holds the best record in French rugby.


He published his autobiography under the title 118 vies (editions Prolongations, October 14, 2009), the weekly Rugby n°3 of March 16, 2006 having also devoted a long article to him “the soul of warriors”.  He is the sponsor of Un maillot pour la vie for hospitalized children.

In May 2010, he was featured on the European Dream Team of the European Rugby Cup (ERC), the best team-type of European club competitions in the last 15 years. In June 2010, he managed the reserve of the French national team, known as the France A team, coached by Olivier Magne, and then competing in the Churchill Cup. In 2011, obtaining a helicopter pilot licence, Fabien Pelous will continue to perform his current duties on the FFR Steering Committee and the Selection Committee of the French team.


Consultant for Canal +, Fabien Pelous is also a very popular speaker.


He gives lectures in companies, in order to give his vision of interpersonal relationships and how to manage them in order to achieve performance. His long experience on the rugby courts, as a player, but also as a coach and manager has allowed him to live many team life situations. Formation of groups, notions of identity, individual and collective objectives, the valorization of each one, Fabien Pelous enlightens us throughout his lectures on these moments, these know-how, these levers of motivation that transform a group of individuals into a real team.