Jean Laurent Cassely

Journalist and essayist

Journalist, columnist, essayist, Jean-Laurent Cassely is interested in the evolution of French lifestyles.

#Corporate Evolution


Combining field research, in situ observation, free theoretical borrowing from the humanities and social sciences (sociology, human and social geography, politics, economics and cultural analysis), he has been developing for fifteen years in his articles, reports, analyses, studies and works a singular look at the evolutions of the consumer society and lifestyles, food, commerce, leisure and pop culture, residential, commercial and tertiary urbanism, architecture and residential practices of the French, the new territorial dynamics (gentrification, neo-rurality, periurbanization), the new educated urban elites, the relationship to work and the emerging aspirations of the younger generations.


A columnist for L’Express, a regular contributor to Le Monde and Slate.fr, he regularly works in the media and is the author of several books.  In France Under Our Eyes (2021, editions du Seuil) co-written with Jérôme Fourquet, best-seller sold over 120,000 copies, Prix du Livre d’Économie 2021 and Livre de l’Année 2021 of Lire Magazine, it provides a panorama of a society that emerged from four decades of metamorphosis and tells the daily life in this blended France.



He is also the author of Génération surdiplômée, the 20% who transform France with sociologist Monique Dagnaud (2021, Éditions Odile Jacob), a survey on the world of high graduates who emerge winners of the school competition, La révolte des premiers de la classe (2017), an essay on the search for meaning for young graduates who are retraining in manual trades and catering, and No Fake (2019), dedicated to the search for authenticity in consumption and daily life, both published by Éditions Arkhê.


He also co-edited the publication of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation’s 2020 Trend Book, La France qui vient (Éditions de l’Aube, March 2020). He lives between Paris and Marseille.


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    Génération surdiplômée, les 20% qui transforment la France