Jonathan Anguelov

Founder, Aircall, the 16th French unicorn.

With his partners in Aircall, the former "but not forgotten" average student is well on his way to fulfilling one of his dreams: revolutionizing corporate telephony and replacing Alcatel, Cisco, and other Mitels. Aircall has raised a lot of money for this purpose, setting up shops in NYC, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, London, Madrid, and even New Delhi.

Don’t tell Jonathan Anguelov that he has succeeded. He may be at the head of one of the most beautiful start-ups in French Tech, Aircall, and has a nice real estate portfolio in Paris, but he remains worried, plagued by “the fear of losing everything”. Yet Aircall is doing well. Specializing in business telephony, Aircall continues its unbridled growth, driven by a rapidly changing market. In the coming years, Aircall plans to go public on the Nasdaq, one of Jonathan Anguelov’s childhood dreams.


“My life is dedicated to my passions, which are Aircall and real estate in the broadest sense. I first became interested in real estate at the age of 14 when I was looking at Parisian architecture and the height of all the flats. When I was 18 I started to buy small serviced rooms in order to pay for my studies. The years have passed, and today my property company Aguesseau Capital owns several buildings, hotels, commercial premises, etc. in Paris and the inner suburbs.


After a complicated childhood, without a father, for the most part at the DDASS, Jonathan was placed in foster care. He decided that to get out of it, he had to “study”. Which he did, taking a series of courses up to a master’s degree in finance at the ESCP. The royal road. In 2014 he created Aircall. After several hundred million euros raised, a valuation of more than one billion euros, offices all over the world, and 900 employees, Jonathan has taken a certain revenge on life. He is now at the head of the 16th French unicorn.


Themes :

– leadership

– team spirit

– resilience

– real estate

– investments




Spoken Languages: French, English, Bulgarian