Judith Beller

Judith Beller is a producer and host on Sud Radio.

Judith Beller infiltrated the fashion world at a very early age and quickly trained herself. She made her marks in this unforgiving world and went on to create her first public relations agency. This entrepreneurial experience led her to defend great names in photography such as Douglas Kirkland or Paul Morrissey and to produce and collect the young generation of street art artists (SUN 7, l’Atlas, Yassine Mekhnache) who, today, have become the leading figures of their generation.


Her vision on the artists of tomorrow is precious for professionals, she becomes with brio an event producer. Subsequently, she was entrusted with large-scale projects in the world of luxury. In 2014, she quickly and easily integrated the profession of editor and launched the first issue of Best Of Paris at the Fondation Cartier. This high-end magazine will become the Paris’Finest, ambassador of the “Parisian art of living”, a cross-sector selection of the best of the capital.

After 6 years of Paris’Finest, she produced the concept on a national scale in a weekly radio show: “C’est Excellent” was born on Sud Radio in 2019.


Her ease on the antenna allows her to impose herself and to become the replacement host of the summer mornings and then to create a chronicle on the discovery of the professions which is broadcast weekly.


She was “stung by the pleasure”, as she says, and considers that animation is in her DNA. Since then, she has put this into practice by hosting several conferences on a wide variety of subjects.


The defense of our living heritage was already a contemporary subject; it has become a hot topic. Television is obviously part of the road ahead, to better promote the beating heart of French expertise… It also brings together all the stages of Judith Beller’s career, from the eye, to the voice, to the image. To transmit, and leave a trace inscribed, in movement this time.


Spoken Languages: French, English, Spanish