Laetitia Vasseur

Sustainability expert

Laetitia Vasseur is General Delegate and co-founder of the association HOP, Halte à l'obsolescence programmed since 2015.

#Green Transition
#Sustainable Development
#Responsible Digital


Language spoken: French



Impact and Ecological Transition



Laetitia Vasseur is a committed activist for ecological transition and sustainable development.


As General Delegate and co-founder of the association “Halte à l’obsolescence programmée” (HOP) since 2015, she fights against the planned obsolescence of products and promotes a responsible and sustainable way of consumption.


She also runs the Sustainability Club and co-founded the third place HOP-La Boucle in Gironde, where she encourages innovation and sustainable initiatives.




Responsible Digital



In addition to her actions for ecology, Laetitia Vasseur is strongly involved in responsible digital.


As Honorary Vice-President of the Responsible Digital Institute and member of the Board of Directors of ADEME since March 2023, she promotes environmentally friendly digital practices.


She believes in the ability of digital to be a positive lever for sustainability, and works to raise awareness of the importance of this responsible approach.



Author and expert



Laetitia Vasseur has also proven herself as an author and expert in the field of sustainable development.


His book “From disposable to sustainable” (Gallimard, 2017) is a source of inspiration for those who want to adopt a more responsible lifestyle.


She also shares her knowledge as a columnist for Economic Alternatives, contributing to the dissemination of ideas and solutions for a more sustainable world.


Laetitia Vasseur is an influential voice in the fight for environmental protection and an inspiring example of the impact that everyone can have by committing to a sustainable and responsible future.