Malia Metella

Exceptional swimmer

From the pool to the heights of inspiration, discover the captivating journey of Malia Metella, an exceptional swimmer and inspiring speaker.

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Languages spoken: French


An exceptional career in swimming



Malia Metella, an exceptional swimmer and true icon of tricolour swimming, has had an exceptional career in the world of swimming.


From a young age, she began swimming, drawing inspiration from her older sister, who already practised the sport. At the age of four, her mother taught her the basics of swimming, and that’s how her journey to excellence began.


Very early on, Malia Metella made a name for herself for her talent and her unfailing determination. She quickly rose through the ranks, and as a teenager, she decided to change her lifestyle to devote herself fully to high-level swimming. This involves intensive training schedules, early mornings at 4:30 and iron discipline to reach the national level.


His hard work paid off, and Malia Metella joined the French national team. She distinguished herself in national and international competitions, winning several titles and thus confirming her status as an exceptional swimmer.


Her career culminated at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, where she won the silver medal in the 50-metre freestyle.


This extraordinary performance is a testament to his determination, talent and resilience in the face of adversity.



Inspiring conversion and bold challenges



After his sports retreat in 2009, Malia Metella decided to undertake an exciting career transition. She embarks on a career as a lecturer, sharing her knowledge and experiences as a top sportsman.


Through her personal journey, she inspires and motivates people from all walks of life with valuable life lessons such as stress management, determination and the importance of teamwork. Malia Metella demonstrates that the skills acquired in sport can be applied to all aspects of daily life.


In addition to her speaking career, Malia Metella is also embarking on entrepreneurship as a co-founder of two startups. This new adventure allows her to explore new horizons and use her skills outside the world of swimming.


Moreover, Malia Metella never ceases to embark on daring challenges. In particular, she successfully completed the Titicaca Challenge, a 108 km autonomous swim crossing linking Bolivia to Peru, alongside her teammates Théo Curin and Matthieu Witvoet. These exploits demonstrate his spirit of adventure, his willingness to push his limits and his constant determination to surpass himself.


Malia Metella embodies a life outside the pool, where her passion, commitment and desire to share her knowledge continue to inspire and motivate others.


His remarkable career in swimming and his successful conversion make him an emblematic figure, both in sport and in the field of motivation and entrepreneurship.