Margot Laffite

Host, Racer pilot

Margot Laffite has motor racing in her blood. Her father, pilot Jacques Lafitte, passed on his passion for cars and racing by making her spend long moments on the racing circuits.

In the early 2000s, Margot decided to become a racing driver herself. She made her circuit debut in 2005 by competing in the Andros Trophy, which she won hands down. She then attended multiple championships for almost 5 years and participated in the European Championship as well as the Eurocup Mégane Trophy.

Her talent in the circuits opened the doors to television with Eurosport channel offering her to present the program “Dimanche F1” from 2011. Very comfortable in front of a camera, Margot also joined the AB Moteurs channel to host the program “V6”.


In 2013, the young woman left Eurosport to join the team of the show “Formula One”  on Canal +. From 2014, she became the presenter of “Formula One” on Canal +, and “joker” presenter (replacement) of Les Spécialistes F1 on Canal + Sport. The show ended in 2016


In September 2017, Margot Laffite was part of the jury of the Chantilly “Arts & Elegance Richard Mille 2017” competition of elegance.

In April 2018, she participated in the Tour Auto Optic 2000 with Olivier Pernaut, son of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, with an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT from 1966.

Since 2018, alternating with Thomas Sénécal, she has been at the Grands Prix with Franck Montagny as the host of the programs broadcasted during race weekends.

Since 2013, Margot Laffite has been a sponsor of the Association Du Sport et Plus.


Spoken Languages: French