Marie Robert


Marie Robert is a professor of letters and philosophy and author of books on philosophical approaches through everyday situations.

After secondary studies at the Lycée Rodin (Paris 13th), Marie Robert continued her studies at the Université Paris-Descartes. She obtained her BA (Philosophy and Sociology, Philosophy, in the Humanities field) for the year 2006–2007 and her MA (Philosophy specialty) for the year 2007–2008. The Master’s degree is awarded to him in the year 2009–2010, specialty logic, philosophy, history, sociology of sciences. His interest focuses particularly on the philosophy of language and the conditions of fiction.


Marie Robert is a PhD student in philosophy under the direction of Mélika Ouelbani, for her work on Tolstoy and Wittgenstein: From the Gospels to the Tractatus, history of a literary and philosophical transmission.


From the very first years of her studies at the University, Marie Robert conducted various activities focused on pedagogy and writing. Courses in various forms allow him to be interested in the accompaniment of children and adolescents.


​She is involved in the creation and animation of a student magazine, the Revue étudiante de philosophie analytique (REPHA). Founded in 2009 by Artus Logins and Marie Robert, its goal was to promote the spread of French-language analytical philosophy by creating a space for studies that combines articles written by students and confirmed philosophers. While adhering to academic standards, REPHA published articles on issues, theses, discussions, and debates in contemporary (analytical) philosophy. Eight issues will be published. The release ended in 2014.

His training leads him to give courses, both in the framework of the tutorials and in lecture courses at the University of Psychology of Paris Descartes (Hepsy/ Magie et religion) for more than 4 years.


At the beginning of the 2015 school year, Marie Robert becomes assistant pedagogical director at the Lycée International Montessori in Bailly (Yvelines) in parallel with the teaching she gives in French and Philosophy for the classes from the 4th to the final year, as well as philosophy workshops for primary schools.


The Montessori pedagogical training will open in autumn 2016, the group of schools Montessori Esclaibes with a Montessori school in Marseille (2016), in Paris 16th (since 2019), in Clichy in 2021 and in Paris 15th in 2022. Schools from kindergarten to the end of elementary school.


In 2020, she launches her podcast Philosophy is sexy in which she devotes each episode to a reflection on a philosophical theme. She currently continues her editorial activities in parallel with her multi-level teaching as well as regular and punctual columns on France Inter and RTL.