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Pascal Le Guern

Journalist and coach

Travel to the heart of communication, illusion and expression with Pascal Le Guern, journalist, magician and speaking coach.

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Language spoken: French





A journalistic career in communication



Pascal Le Guern has devoted much of his professional life to journalism and communication.

For 17 years, he was a columnist for France Info, hosting such renowned programs as “The Company and You”, “Business Partner” and “All Understand”.


With his expertise, he has also become a recognized trainer and speaker in the field of communication. Thanks to his varied background, including positions as a presenter at Europe 1 and as a producer at Radio France, he has gained a thorough understanding of media and media crisis management.


Her communication skills allow her to help large companies improve their public speaking skills, refine their message and navigate the media landscape effectively.





A passion for illusion and wonder



From a young age, Pascal Le Guern has had a passion for magic and illusion.

He immersed himself in this fascinating universe from childhood, experimenting with different tricks and manipulations.


Over time, he developed expertise as a conjurer and mentalist.

He is the author of twelve books on illusion, such as “Become a Magician in the Blink of an Eye” and “The Secrets of Mentalists”.


Along with his journalistic career, magic has become an essential component of his life. As a magician, he perfected his stage skills, staging captivating and amazing shows.


His passion for magic has also led him to explore different artistic forms, including theatre and lyric singing, adding a unique dimension to his performances.




A speaking coach and media-training expert



In addition to his career as a journalist and magician, Pascal Le Guern is a speaking coach and a recognized media-training expert.


With his experience in communication and journalism, he has developed a unique approach to help individuals and businesses improve their communication skills and excel in the art of public speaking.


His training addresses key aspects such as capturing the audience, non-verbal communication, the use of eyes and voices for impactful expression, as well as media and crisis management.


As a trainer, speaker and coach, Pascal Le Guern shares his communication expertise, offering valuable advice and proven techniques to improve performance and stage presence.


His unique combination of journalism, magic and coaching skills makes him a versatile professional who helps others reach their full potential in their personal and professional lives.