Salime Nassur


Salime Nassur is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and executive coach. He is co-founder of the maars program and former marketing director France of Google Cloud.

The story of Salime Nassur, ex Marketing Director at Google Cloud, is above all that of a disabled child from Reunion and Comorian origin, born to a working father and a cleaning lady mother, who thwarted all of the prognosis of social determinism.


Serial entrepreneur at heart, barely graduating from a business school, he created with two partners the company Normanet, which would become the first web agency in Normandy, while working for France Télécom Interactive (which would become Wanadoo then Orange).


Once Normanet was sold, he set himself a new challenge during a leisure stay in Greece: to create a luxury French-style pastry shop.

In a few weeks, he learned everything it took to succeed, recruited his team and launched the “Amélie” pastry shop in a chic district of Athens. Sales took off and two other shops were launched. When his pastry adventure stabilized, he sold “Amélie” to a local entrepreneur and returned to his first love in France: digital and technology.


He joined Alcatel in 2004 and then chaired the Club of IT Marketing Directors in order to stimulate a new movement to energize and enhance the marketing function, often forgotten in the world of new technologies.

In 2012, the journey continues with Google. Between Paris and Mountain View, Salime quickly climbs all the levels. But that is not enough for him. Something else must be done, something different.

From 2014, he anticipates the trend for wellbeing in the workplace. He commissions a study on the link between happiness and productivity. The results are unshakeable: in a business, a happy employee is 30% more productive. From then on, this thought never leaves him.


By identifying, supporting and releasing each person’s personal potential, he wants to take companies and their employees to a new dimension. Minorities from diverse backgrounds must be helped,  young people from difficult suburbs supported and means given to women to break the glass ceiling, conscious that the levers lie just as much with the economic decision-makers as with the employees themselves.


This is where the maars project first formed in Salime’s mind with a simple mission: to participate in the construction of a world where, every day, each person feels happy and inspired to work, thrives fully in their work and, at the end of the day, has the feeling of having made a contribution to whatever it is that may be.


Salime is passionate about and advocates on the following subjects:


● Digital & business transformation
● Diversity, inclusion and well-being at work
● Leadership & team-working, resilience & surpassing oneself
● Artificial intelligence & big data
● Innovation / creativity, start-up mentality, entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship
● HR & learning
● Branding, marketing & customer experience


Languages : French, English