Sylvia Bréger

Criminologist, Human Behaviour Analyst

Professional speaker and contributor to the judicial system, businesses, and schools in France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Sylvia Bréger is a criminologist.


Her basic training is in behavioral analysis of criminals. She then specialized in cases of sexual abuse of minors. During her encounters with child molesters, she developed training programs for investigators as well as awareness modules for schools.


For 11 years, Sylvia Bréger was the scientific correspondent of the judicial pole of the Gendarmerie Nationale. She collaborated with the C3N of the PJGN of Pontoise. Still in the N’Tech training program at the Troyes University of Technology, she continues to train national investigators in criminology and interview techniques.


Whether to better negotiate, recruit, care for, sell or simply to better communicate, you and your team need to identify the behavior of your interlocutors. Sylvia Bréger’s field experience has led her to validate or invalidate the latest scientific approaches to behavioral analysis.


Your teams will be engaged and each participant will leave with vital information, thanks to dynamic conferences and training sessions, enriched with concrete examples, scientific studies, real-life stories and video analysis that will encourage the development of observation.


Sylvia Bréger shares her observation techniques with as many people as possible so that everyone can see others from a new angle.


Her interventions take place in France, Switzerland and Belgium.


Spoken Language: French