Terry Ascencio-Parvy

Editor-in-Chief and Bilingual Coach

#Public Speaking Coach
#Event Coach




Spoken Languages: French, English



Editorial Consulting & Copywriting




From her Francophile parents, Terry inherited her love for France and great authors. After studying literature and obtaining a master’s degree in translation, she honed her skills at Andersen and then Ernst & Young, confirming her passion for economic topics and her immense curiosity.



For over 20 years, Terry has been supporting clients in industries such as innovation, automotive, banking, luxury, and more, in organizing their events and producing their video content.



Offering proposal formats, writing and coordinating content (key messages from executives, videos, scripts, etc.), Terry works as an editor-in-chief.

She collaborates with teams and executives to help them express their ideas, build their speeches, and communicate their vision to their target audience.




Public Speaking Coaching and Media Training



Terry prepares her clients for public speaking in various institutional events, ensuring that each individual can speak clearly, dynamically, and authentically.


Her specialty? Bilingual and personalized coaching, with a keen sense of listening and confidentiality.


A successful public speaking engagement is always a team effort. Terry knows how to rally and foster connections among participants, simplify and target the right messages. Accustomed to working with tight deadlines, Terry is a true conductor.


She helps everyone find their words and place on stage, so that a connection is established with the audience.


Her mastery of both languages allows her to provide precise and smooth translations that preserve the integrity of the original content.


As such, she is capable of delivering all types of communication materials for diverse audiences and targets, including communication agencies, institutions, and both large and small companies.