Vincent Cespedes

Philosopher, essayist

Appreciated by the media for his frank positions and his new ideas, he also intervenes in the many debates on citizenship, foresight, the improvement of organizations and professional practices, both in the hospital world and in business, or for large schools, institutions and associations.

Vincent Cespedes’ work is distinguished by a desire to democratize philosophy, but also to anchor it in reality by connecting it to our daily lives. The philosopher thus militates for an applied philosophy.


This thesis guides the four years during which he is in charge of the “Philosopher” collection of Éditions Larousse. It works equally well in the fields of business, education, health and culture. It was also during this period that he set up and animated the Philobarrio, a philosophical primer in the form of a cycle of 26 thematic conferences.

In 2018, he created the Philohack app, the first philosopher’s mobile app. The aim of this “Socratic technology” is not to popularize thought, but to instill a taste for philosophizing, to experiment with ideas, to discover fascinating authors and theories and, of course, to develop a critical mind. . His use of new technologies is part of his work on “digital humanities.” He is also a composer, whose music is notably played by the Moscow orchestra. Research area: He works on human intersubjectivity. His work develops a critique of cybermodern reason and emphasizes the importance of philosophical creativity for a renewed humanism.



Spoken Languages : French, English




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