Yann Lechelle

CEO Scaleway

Yann Lechelle, the emblem of the digital entrepreneur and innovator, also co-founder of the France Digitale association, co-founder and board member of the HUB France IA, and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD.

Over the past two decades, from Paris to Los Angeles, Cambridge UK and New York, Yann has used software to create business opportunities in various fields: financial markets with real-time trading platforms, centralized cartoon animations, management tools, performance management via behavioral analysis with social networks, digital art on new media, mobile app discovery with a recommendation engine, mobile app monetization with innovative ad formats.

As an entrepreneur, he has founded or co-founded a number of companies, developing products for hundreds of millions of end-users worldwide, often employing a clean user interface and delivering innovative user experiences.

As a key shareholder, Yann has contributed to the growth and exit of 5 companies:

– SPNC sold to IXNet / Global Crossing (New York)
– ETHERYL sold to private investors (Paris)
– Kick Your App sold to Change (Paris)
– Appsfire sold to MNG group (Paris)
– Sonetin sold to Jamespot (Paris)

As an advisor, board member or angel investor, he is now monitoring the progress of many other promising companies.

In Paris, he is a strong advocate for the technology ecosystem: a co-founding member of France Digitale and HUB AI Paris, as well as entrepreneur-in-residence at INSEAD Business School.

He was COO of Snips, a furiously talented and forward-thinking team of artificial intelligence technologists. His role was to help the team and the technology blossom to exit velocity… to a world where technology disappears and humans are empowered to reach their next evolutionary stage.

After Sonos acquired Snips in 2019, he joins Scaleway, a cloud company, as CEO in 2020.




Spoken languages: French, English