Bertrand piccard conférencier chez Minds

Bertrand Piccard


What immediately surprises about Bertrand Piccard is the extreme diversity of his areas of interest and skills. Visionary, he develops the avant-garde philosophy of his projects, to trace their symbolic and civic significance.

The sky and the abyss attracted his ancestors, the challenges of our time fascinate him: sustainable development, responsibility, fight against poverty, technologies capable of protecting the environment …


Aeronaut and passionate aviator, Bertrand takes up challenges considered as impossible: He accomplishes the first round-the-world flight in a non-stop balloon and initiates the “Solar Impulse” solar plane project with which he travels around the world in 17 stages – taking turns at the helm with André Borschberg – without a single drop of fuel.



A doctor-psychiatrist, he draws from his training in hypnosis and his interest in Eastern philosophies a different perspective that puts the human being and the quality of life at the forefront.


Communicator, he strikes by his way of never opposing the extremes and rather seeking to build bridges to develop synergies Through his books, conferences, interviews and political meetings, he strives to promote a humanist vision which leaves a wide room for pioneering spirit and innovation in everyday life.



Spoken Languages: French, English