Maud Fontenoy speaker et conférencière chez Minds

Maud Fontenoy

Navigator, adventurer

Sailor with multiple exploits and first women, solo, rowing and sailing, mother and wife committed to the protection of the environment and oceans.

Spokesperson of the UNESCO Oceanographic Commission, President of the Maud Fontenoy Foundation Expert in Sustainable Development, Speaker and author of committed books and documentaries, … Maud Fontenoy fights for the protection of the environment and more specifically oceans and coastline. His fight for more than 15 years: inform and educate the greatest number to the protection of the planet.


Having spent more of her time on the seas than on dry land, she keeps on telling the visible effects of pollution and global warming on the oceans she knows well. Maud, with the support of scientists, particularly through the actions she carries out in the framework of its foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, to educate the younger generation, to give them a fashion simple employment so that “sustainable development” becomes accessible to all and that Ecology finally rhymes with Economy.

Her commitment to the protection of the seas and oceans is recognized by the Ministry of National Education and Youth who appointed her as Ambassador for Education at Sea and Sea Classes.


Maud built each of her actions / commitments / speeches on two pillars: the transmission of values, such as the taste for effort and perseverance, and the fight for Sustainable Development.


She currently advises different companies on this theme and advocates a realistic and pragmatic ecology.


Whether in the context of her books, journalistic columns, films, media presences, conferences in schools, universities or companies, Maud Fontenoy enthusiastically undertakes to pass on her passion for the environment, to motivate and to to make you want to believe again.


His fields of expertise :


– Experience and personal development

– Team work

– How to remobilize after a failure or in the face of difficulties

– Commitment

– Associate ecology and economy

– Awareness and protection of the environment

– Artificial intelligence and technologies serving the energy transition

– The role and place of women today



Spoken languages: French, English 


  • La mer au secours de la terre

  • Bleu, un océan de solutions