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Matthieu Tordeur


Matthieu Tordeur is an adventurer and a member of the Société des Explorateurs. He is the youngest man to ever reach the South Pole.

He is the first Frenchman and the youngest in the world to have reached the South Pole on skis alone, without assistance or supplies. He traveled around the world driving a 4L to promote microfinance, ran 6 marathons in a row in the Sahara Desert, the Pyongyang marathon in North Korea, crossed Europe twice by bicycle and the Atlantic by sailboat. Never traveling without his camera, he documents all of his adventures.

Matthieu is the author of “4L, Un tour du monde du microcredit “and the director of the documentary “Microcredit in 4L, Un tour du monde du microcrédit” (52 min).


Cursus :


Member of the Society of French Explorers


2019: First Frenchman and youngest in the world to join the South Pole on skis, solo and in total autonomy


2018: Egypt – Sudan, crossing the Sahara by electric bike

2017: Sahara, Marathon des Sables, Ultra-trail

2017: China – Pakistan, on the world’s highest road by bike

2016: The Seine by kayak

2015: Belgium – Istanbul, Transcontinental Race by bike

2015: Greenland, 150 km polar expedition

2013 – 2014: Around the world in 4L for microfinance

2012: Caribbean – England, Transatlantic by sail

2011: Budapest – Istanbul, alone by bike


Intervention topics: (FR / ENG)


Surpassing oneself, motivation, resilience, performance, risk taking …


– How to start and stop looking for excuses?

– Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing.

– Accept to be in the unknown and learn to love it.

– How to overcome the fear of failure?


Matthieu Tordeur directed “Objectif Pôle Sud” (52 min).



Spoken languages : French, English 



  • Le Continent Blanc

  • 4L, Un tour du monde du microcrédit