Dominique Steiler conférencier agence Minds

Dominique Steiler


Holder of the Mindfulness, Well-being at Work and Economic Peace Chair Professor in the Department of Men, Organizations and Society Doctorate of Business Administration, the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Business School, Dominique Steiler holds a doctorate in psychology and management from the University of Newcastle-upon -Tyne (UK)

A specialist in professional stress, he has focused his career on personal and managerial development, performance, and well-being at work.

A senior professor at Grenoble École de Management, he is director of the Center for Personal and Managerial Development and Deputy Director for education in charge of the faculty training program.


His life and his journey have led him to question himself on the simplest way to live his weaknesses as his strengths, his vulnerabilities as his assets. A former fighter pilot officer in Naval Aviation, he applies a pragmatic and humanistic operational and relational approach.


A former mental coach of Olympic teams, he now supports managers and leaders in France and abroad.




Spoken languages: French, English