Olivier Crosetta

Former Legionnaire, Special Forces, and DGSE Member

Former Special Forces Officer turned Coach, Speaker, and Business Leader.




Spoken languages: French, English




Military Background



Olivier began his career in the military at the age of 24 as an Officer in the French Foreign Legion.

He participated in numerous missions in Africa, Haiti, and French Guiana, operating particularly against illegal gold mining and drug trafficking.


Specialized in jungle survival and combat, he also trained foreign units in these specific techniques.



Five years later, Olivier Crosetta joined the Action Service of the Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE). After an extensive training, he led a clandestine unit tasked with carrying out counterterrorism missions abroad.


For eight years, he operated covertly to oversee these missions not officially recognized by the state. In the summer of 2001, Olivier left the DGSE to join the Special Operations Command.

This notably led him to assume command of the first French Special Forces detachment in Afghanistan in early November 2001, alongside US Special Forces and Afghan factions of the Northern Alliance.



Over a period of 5 years, he participated in numerous missions in diverse areas such as intelligence gathering, targeted individuals’ capture, protection of high-profile individuals, advising authorities, etc.

Transition to the Private Sector



In December 2005, Olivier Crosetta decided to embark on a new adventure in the business world after serving as an Officer in elite units of the Ministry of Defense for 18 years.


He joined the management committee of Monoprix as Director of Strategic Projects.


After five years at Monoprix and earning an Executive MBA from HEC, he joined Chèque Déjeuner (Up) as Deputy General Manager International, overseeing 11 subsidiaries worldwide.



Creation of His Consulting Firm



Two years later, he left the Up Group to establish his own consulting firm, specializing in organizational transformations and enhancing collective performance.


Having evolved as a manager in diverse environments, he has become an expert in all activities related to management and leadership.

His experience as a manager and successful transition to the corporate world make him an effective speaker and coach.


For these reasons, he is invited to speak at conferences and give lectures at certain schools.