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Étienne Klein

Physicist and sciences' philosopher

Étienne Klein is a French physicist born on 1 April 1958. He is a former student of the École Centrale Paris and obtained a DEA in theoretical physics. He subsequently completed a doctorate in philosophy of science and obtained a habilitation to direct research.

Étienne Klein is a research director at the CEA. He currently heads the Laboratoire des Recherches sur les Sciences de la Matière, based in Saclay. He has been involved in various major projects, in particular the development of the laser isotope separation process and the study of a superconducting cavity accelerator. At CERN, he participated in the design of the European Large Particle Collider, the LHC.


He taught quantum and particle physics for several years at the École Centrale Paris. He is currently a professor of philosophy of science. He is a specialist in the question of time in physics. His numerous essays and lectures demonstrate that it is possible to deal with quantum physics without falling into the trap of presenting it with the ingredients of classical physics.


He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST) and a member of the Académie des Technologies and the Orientation Council of the Institut Diderot.


Every Thursday morning, Étienne Klein hosts a column on France Culture, Le monde selon Étienne Klein.



Spoken Languages: French, English