Jérôme Fourquet

Director of the Opinion and Corporate Strategies Department at Ifop

Currently the director of the "opinion and corporate strategies" department at IFOP, Jérôme Fourquet boasts 16 years of experience in the polling field, particularly with CSA and IFOP.



Spoken Languages : French
He is a graduate of the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) in Rennes and holds a DEA in electoral geography from the University of Paris VIII. He is acknowledged for his expertise in analyzing political and economic trends, often sought after by the media to elucidate the state of public opinion.
His engagement in the academic and journalistic realms is highlighted by his contributions to publications such as Commentaire, the Revue Politique et Parlementaire, and the Huffington Post. These outlets allow him to share his insightful analyses on the current societal and political dynamics.

In his recent work, “The French Archipelago,” he offers a compelling depiction of modern France, which has morphed into an archipelago of culturally and socially disconnected islands, marking a deep transformation during the Yellow Vests era. This essay sheds light on the shift from a formerly unified nation to a fragmented society, thereby revealing the disintegration of the common cultural reference framework.
Fourquet’s contribution, merging polling expertise with profound societal reflection, positions him as a pivotal figure in grasping the present challenges. His analysis, distinguished by exceptional sharpness, unravels the profound alterations in France’s social fabric, establishing him as a pivotal voice in the public discourse on identity and national unity in contemporary France.