Luc Jacquet

Film Maker, March of the penguins

After discovering his passion for imagery and scientific mediation during an extended stay in Antarctica, Luc Jacquet emerged as a notable filmmaker and environmentalist. His first feature film, "March of the Penguins," captivated over 25 million international viewers, earning him several accolades, including an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

#Climate change


Spoken Languages: French, English


As the founder of the Wild-Touch Association, Luc is dedicated to nature preservation through the emotional power of cinema and imagery.

He continues his environmental advocacy with films such as “Once Upon a Forest” and “Ice and the Sky,” the latter being accompanied by an ambitious transmedia program focusing on climate change.


In 2017, his artistic exploration of Antarctica with other renowned photographers led to the creation of the film “The Emperor” and the immersive exhibition “Antarctica!”, providing a unique perspective on the icy continent.


Luc Jacquet continues to inspire in 2023 with the “Terra Incognita” exhibition and the release of his new film, “Journey to the South Pole,” showcasing his unwavering commitment to environmental awareness and scientific discovery.