Nusrat Durrani

Founder and Former General Manager, MTV World, Strategic Advisor, Filmmaker, Writer

Nusrat Durrani is a visionary global media executive and strategic advisor known for revitalizing MTV as a youth brand and spearheading its international expansion.



Over two decades, his innovative leadership transformed Viacom’s platforms and programming, attracting untapped global audiences and increasing reach and revenue. After leaving MTV, Nusrat has continued to leverage his unique insight into business and content strategy to consult for startups and media companies, especially focusing on emerging markets.


Highly regarded for his deep understanding of music and pop culture, Nusrat has an unparalleled ability to identify emerging trends and talent. His work has had a significant cultural impact, melding American media with global influences and championing local storytelling across the world. He created MTV World, a global innovation engine that launched unique content and channels like MTV Desi, MTV K, MTV Chi and MTV Iggy, as well as the impactful “Rebel Music” documentary series.

In addition to media innovation, Nusrat has made bold strides in branded entertainment, collaborating with major brands and artists to create groundbreaking programs. This includes a multi-year, fan-powered franchise that merged live music with social media, a first for MTV. His work has earned him various honors, including recognition from President Obama and the Smithsonian Institute for his representation of indigenous youth.


Nusrat’s storytelling extends to film and humanitarian work as well. He conceived and produced “Madly,” an anthology film about uncommon love stories that was honored at the Tribeca Film Festival. As a dedicated humanitarian, he has worked in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and produced thought-provoking short films and documentaries, including the recent feature “An American Prayer.”


Based in Brooklyn, Nusrat is not only a prolific speaker on media, storytelling, and culture but also an author and filmmaker in progress. His diverse life and professional experiences, combined with his commitment to impactful storytelling, make him a unique and compelling figure in the media landscape.


Spoken Languages: English, Hindi