Othman Chiheb

Virtual and Augmented Reality Expert

Othman Chiheb is a visionary expert in new technologies, with a decade of experience in the field, including four years leading mixed reality for the EMEA region at Microsoft.

#New technologies
#Virtual and augmented reality


Spoken Languages : French, English


His deep knowledge in digital innovation has made him a go-to specialist in France on the subject of augmented reality in the business world. Othman understands the crucial challenges that mixed reality presents for various sectors, whether they be ecological, economic, or human. His dual expertise, both in hardware and software, has positioned him as a top advisor for companies looking to maximize the commercial impact of immersive technologies.


He is not just a theorist, but a skilled practitioner who knows how to turn his ideas into concrete actions. During his talks, Othman captivates his audience with live demonstrations, showcasing the transformative power of augmented reality to enhance customer experience, optimize industrial training, and enrich cultural media. By tailoring his message to his audience, he provides personalized guidance to companies to fully harness the potential of immersive technologies.

In addition to his technical skills, Othman is a charismatic speaker. He does more than just inform; he turns each presentation into an unforgettable experience. Driven by an unwavering passion for augmented reality and innovation, he knows how to engage and inspire his audience, encouraging them to embrace these new technologies in their own professional setting.


Choosing Othman as a speaker means opting for excellence, expertise, and inspiration. Each speech is carefully crafted to provide relevant information and real-world use cases, while offering invaluable insights into future challenges. Othman doesn’t just share knowledge; he equips his audience with the tools necessary to shape the future.



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