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Tiffany Cooper

Artist, illustrator

A Multi-Talented Artist from Fashion to Graphic Novels



Spoken Languages: French


Tiffany Cooper is not just a talented author and illustrator; she is also the creative force behind the podcast “Go Towards Your Risk.” Her artistic journey is a fascinating blend of passion for art, fashion, and a dash of boldness. Her career in illustration began in 2012, after exploring the worlds of art and fashion. It was in 2014 that Tiffany took a bold step: she wrote to Karl Lagerfeld. This initiative opened the door to a fruitful collaboration with the renowned designer for his eponymous brand. The outcome of this collaboration was a capsule collection, a traveling exhibition, and a graphic novel dedicated to the designer.

Tiffany Cooper’s artistic footprint doesn’t end there. She has worked with prestigious brands such as Evian, K-Way, Le Bon Marché, SNCF, Van’s, McDonald’s, and Kiehl’s. Her works have been showcased in solo shows in Paris, Luxembourg, and Seoul, captivating an international audience with her unique style.
A prolific author, Tiffany has already published six graphic novels and two children’s books. Her talent continues to flourish, with the upcoming release of her third children’s book in January 2024. Tiffany Cooper serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists, exemplifying how passion, talent, and a bit of boldness can lead to an exceptional journey.