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Bruno Marion


Bruno Marion, also known as the "Futurist Monk" and self-proclaimed emergentologist, is a visionary thinker. He firmly believes in our ability to create emergences and shape the future.



Languages spoken: French, English





Expertise in Chaos Management



Bruno Marion is a renowned speaker, author, and consultant with expertise in helping individuals and organizations thrive in a chaotic world.


With over 25 years of experience, Bruno has held leadership positions in major international companies.


He has developed an innovative approach based on chaos theory to assist his clients in navigating uncertainty, strengthening their resilience, and capitalizing on crises.



Influential Author and Thinker



Bruno Marion is the author of the bestselling book “Chaos, mode d’emploi” published by Éditions Yves Michel, which presents a simple and practical model for understanding and acting in a chaotic world.


His writings and conferences have established him as an influential thinker in the field of chaos management. He also delves into Asian cultures in his book “Asie, business et bonnes manières,” showcasing his in-depth knowledge in this domain.


Conference Themes and Impact



As a sought-after speaker, Bruno Marion addresses various themes such as decision-making, energy and sustainability, disruptive visions and tools, Asia-West relations, and prosperity in a chaotic world.


His pragmatic approach and ability to inspire and guide individuals and organizations have a significant impact on their ability to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing environment.