Frédéric Mazzella


Frédéric Mazzella is the president-founder of BlaBlaCar and Captain Cause.



Spoken Languages : French, English


BlaBlaCar is the global leader in carpooling with 100 million members across 22 countries, and Captain Cause is a new platform revolutionizing corporate engagement in social and environmental impact projects. Additionally, Frédéric co-presides as an entrepreneur at France Digitale, the largest startup association in Europe, and hosts the weekly show “Les Pionniers” on BFM Business, where he invites pioneers from various fields, including explorers, artists, entrepreneurs, and athletes.

Frédéric holds a Master’s degree in Physics from the École Normale Supérieure (ENS Ulm), a Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford University (USA), and an MBA from INSEAD. Before founding BlaBlaCar, he was a scientific researcher for NASA in the USA and NTT in Japan. Frédéric is also a pianist and a passionate music enthusiast.


As an author, Frédéric recently shared his entrepreneurial experience in the book “Mission BlaBlaCar – The Inside Story of Creating a Phenomenon” (soon to be published in English), which reveals the methods behind building a unicorn from scratch through engaging dialogues. Upon its release, the book was hailed as the “Entrepreneur’s Bedside Book.”